Excerpt from Caught In The Crosshair by Barb Han

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The ominous storm clouds that had been threatening thickened as a light sprinkle began. The heavy clouds blocked the sun, making it dark as night. The rain shooed tourists back into the hotel, their fists full of rainbow-colored drinks with chunks of pineapple stabbed by toothpicks and set on the rims of the glasses.

Bryce took a step toward Jaden. His eyes bulged, and he made a sharp gasp to force air into his lungs.

Another rush of adrenaline hit Jaden, popping him to his feet long before his brain had time to register what had happened.

Bryce’s large frame stumbled forward, wobbled, and then abruptly sat down. He slumped forward, the look of shock still on his face, as the African gray parrot on his chest turned blood red, and the dark liquid infected every other bird like a strain of H1N1.


Bryce was dead.

A flash of anger had Jaden ready to unleash his rage on the asshole who did this. Did they shoot Lauren too?

He caught sight of his asset struggling against a man slightly larger, but very much stronger than she, while clutching her suitcase.

Where the hell was his backup?

Cursing beneath his breath, knowing he was running out of time, Jaden had to act fast. The beach was too exposed. He couldn’t go barreling across it no matter how much his instinct told him he could take the kidnapper with ease. There were too many others covering this stretch of real estate.

At least Jaden had his mark in sight, his own weapon, and the benefit of knowing what he was up against. Knowing your enemy and how many there were created a distinct advantage.

He no longer had the element of surprise on his side. Not since Bryce.

With Lauren thrashing around, Jaden couldn’t get a clean shot. One wrong thrash and there’d be a bullet between her eyes.

He needed her alive.